Meditation: The Basics

This week we start off with a meditation exploring the fundamentals of posture, gaze, breath, and relaxation.

Of all the many integration practices, consistent meditation is possibly the single most powerful. Regular practice teaches you to meet your experience honestly, compassionately, and fully, without resistance or grasping. It’s about bringing full awareness to your mind, body and inner state, in order to experience your essential nature. There is nothing more fundamental than this, inside or outside the plant medicine world.

Meditation as Integration

Ayahuasca connects us to a sense of spirit that’s bigger than our personal story. Meditation does the same, on a daily basis. A regular practice will keep you connected to what’s most meaningful in your life, and clear out whatever blocks you from experiencing it. It’s the combination of plant medicine and spiritual practice that offers the greatest potential for healing, growth, and liberation.

Meditation is a naturally integrative process. The very act of quietly sitting and opening up to your inner experience creates a space in which the old can settle and the new can naturally emerge. This ability to maintain open, nonjudgmental awareness in the face of uncertainty is essential to working with the deeply transformative energies of ayahuasca, both in ceremony and in the months that follow. Becoming comfortable resting in “don’t-know” mind wil help you ride the transformational express train that ayahuasca can bring.

Most importantly, perhaps, meditation opens the door to a space and state bigger than egoic mind, bigger than who you think you are. The practice of tuning into your bigger Self—the spacious, clear awareness that underlies your conditioned identity —roots you in a steady sense of the true identity that lies beneath your surface personality.