To Explore: Icaros and Medicine Songs

Painting by Mauro Reatigui Perez

Music is an essential part of ayahuasca cerenonies, from the hymns of Santo Daime to the vast body of medicine songs shared around the world. Do a search for “medicine songs” or “ayahuasca songs” and you’ll find hundreds of them, like here:

Icaros, the magical songs of the plant spirits, are sung by Amazonian ayahuasqueros to cleanse and heal the bodies and spirits of ceremony participants. A very powerful way of staying connected to ayahuasca (especially if you've received icaros in your ceremonies) is by listening to these otherworldly chants. Look on Youtube or Spotify for playlists, like here or here. The Temple of the Way of Light has produced an album of icaros sung by Shipibo healers.